DEWALT DW4743 XP 12-Inch Dry Cutting Diamond Segmented Saw Blade with 1-Inch Arbor for Cured Concrete

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DEWALT DW4743 XP 12-Inch Dry Cutting Diamond Segmented Saw Blade with 1-Inch Arbor for Cured Concrete
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  • Extended performance diamond matrix provides 350x’s the life of conventional abrasives and enhanced material cutting
  • Segmented rim blades are laser welded with heat treated steel bodies which provides increases durability and long life
  • Large diamond segments with cobalt is ideal for use across varios product applications
  • 12-inch diameter blade; 1-inch arbor; .125-inch edge thickness
  • Includes saw blade with brass adapter

Details: The DEWALT DW4743 industrial 12-inch cured concrete cutting segmented diamond saw blade provides 350 times the life of conventional abrasives, and its continuous rim turbo design ensures optimal results when used on brick, block, and tile. This 12-inch blade with one-inch (20 millimeter) arbor boasts a maximum speed of 6,300 RPM for use across a wide variety of applications. Let the power of diamonds do the tough work for you. The large diamond segments with cobalt provide an ideal combination for cutting through even the toughest cured concrete with exceptional accuracy. From the Manufacturer DeWalt 12-inch Dry/Wet Diamond Blades are designed with an optimized cutting matrix. The high diamond concentration provides for a faster cut rate while the high quality of the diamonds provide longer blade life. The consistent diamond distribution and concentration provide high performance. All segments are laser welded on both sides and 100-percent inspected and torque tested for maximum durability and quality. A high quality steel core reduces distortion at high operating temperatures and also reduces the vibration. Each blade is packaged with a brass adapter for use on tools with one-inch and 20mm arbors. DeWalt offers a variety of dry/wet diamonds for specific applications to maximize performance.

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