Gonzo Bamboo Charcoal (12 Extra Small Bags 10 Grams) Air Purifying Bags Odor Eliminator for Home Drawers Pets Gym Bag

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Gonzo Bamboo Charcoal (12 Extra Small Bags 10 Grams) Air Purifying Bags Odor Eliminator for Home Drawers Pets Gym Bag
Product Description

Brand: Gonzo Natural Magic

Color: 12 Extra Small Bags


  • Revive – Odor eliminator is fragrance-free and keeps spaces smelling fresh
  • Safe – Chemical-free porous bamboo charcoal traps and destroys odors & pollutants
  • Effective – Alternative to other air fresheners and able to use around kids & pets
  • Long-Lasting – Recharge every 1-2 months to restore bamboo charcoal & eliminate odors for up to two years

Details: Here at Gonzo Natural Magic, we design products that help you keep your home free of unwanted odors & stubborn stains while keeping your home smelling strikingly fresh. This one-of-a-kind multi-action formula is rejuvenating, long-lasting & consistently effective. The Gonzo Natural Magic Odor Eliminator Bags are made of all-natural, fragrance-free, allergen-free, non-toxic materials that trap and destroy odors & other harmful pollutants. Bamboo charcoal safely traps these odors & pollutant particles but still allows air flow through the pores to clean the air around it, delivering a clean & fresh scent in your home. This impressive odor eliminator is recommended for small spaces including pet areas, shoe and boot closets, gym bags, drawers, garbage cans, luggage, refrigerators, shoes, cars & more! The chemical-free, Gonzo Natural Magic All-Natural Bamboo Charcoal Odor Eliminator can be recharged to freshen air for up to two years. Every 1-2 months, simply place the bag in direct sunlight for at least an hour to restore the effectiveness of the bamboo charcoal. This is a unique, all-natural & “ready-to-use” product that reveals the fresh smell of a clean home & makes the Gonzo Natural Magic Odor Eliminator an essential for everyday treatment. When life has you in stinky situations, you can count on us to create an environment of clean and odor free air. Gonzo Natural Magic will eliminate persistent odors in all areas inside or outside of your home, leaving an odor-free environment. Gonzo Natural Magic is dedicated to keeping your home and any other areas smelling fresh and clean. We don’t just mask odors, but instead we effectively eliminate odors at the source. Gonzo Natural Magic products are an easy and effective way to safely keep all areas of your home fresh and odor free.

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