INTRINSICS 401423 Med-Esthetic 100% Cotton Large 12-Ply Gauze 4″x 4″ – 200 Count

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INTRINSICS 401423 Med-Esthetic 100% Cotton Large 12-Ply Gauze 4″x 4″ – 200 Count
Product Description

Brand: Intrinsics


  • EXFOLIATE: Exfoliating texture, perfect to use for exfoliation services
  • SKINCARE: Use to cleanse the skin before waxing, during facials and skin care services
  • PURE: 100% pure, medical-grade cotton, no fillers
  • SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Naturally hypoallergenic, biodegradable and compostable. Good for you and the earth
  • LARGE: 4″x4″ size, opens to a large 12″ x 12″ single-ply sheet

Details: You’ll feel rubbed the right way with these deluxe and durable medical-grade Intrinsics Cotton 12-Ply Gauze sleeves exclusively made of trade secret Med-Esthetic and 100% Naturelle cotton. A skin-saving essential found in the offices of board-certified plastic surgeons and dermatologists, including estheticians of the A-list, this medical-grade, sturdy gauze sleeves open to a singly-ply sheet and are specifically designed for common exfoliation procedures, such as dermabrasion. Hypoallergenic elements won’t irritate even the most sensitive of skin types, even during deep exfoliation. Premium-grade, proprietary woven cotton won’t leave lint on surface of skin, allowing you to focus on the procedure at hand. Available in two sizes, petite (2″x2″) and large (4″x4″) to meet all your skincare needs, including body care. Get in the buff with this beauty basic! A subsidiary of the early 1900’s-based Barnhardt Manufacturing Company, known for supplying layered cotton batting for horse drawn buggy seats and filler for quilts and comforters, the Intrinsics beauty brand burgeoned in the 1980s as the proprietary suppliers of single-use skincare and beauty products that the exploding luxury spa and salon scene so heavily demanded. Intrinsics’ unwavering commitment and dedication to bringing luxurious, highest-quality, cotton-made beauty products to the world’s most distinguished and legendary beauty spas and salons all over the globe is why The Difference is in the Details is our motto. Because, it’s the little things.

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Release Date: 15-02-2020

Package Dimensions: 100x268x431

Department: Beauty
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