Maypole 6097a 4m x 4000kg Tow Rope


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Maypole 6097a 4m x 4000kg Tow Rope
Product Description

Brand: Maypole


  • Quality Maypole Product
  • 4m x 4000Kg Tow Rope
  • 3.5m x 4000Kg Tow Rope

Details: Towing other cars requires a high level of responsibility and good quality products to ensure you are not posing a risk to yourself and other road users. Tow rope has been the traditional method of doing this, but you must ensure the tow rope is of an excellent quality to guarantee safety.

This Maypole tow rope has a maximum capacity of 4000kg or 4 tonnes. It is also 4 metres in length allowing plenty of space between you and the towed vehicle. Includes on tow’ sign and towing instructions complete with storage bag.Maypole was established over 40 years ago beginning with the manufacturing of trailer lighting boards and since then has grown into one of the premier companies in Europe offering ranges of products for the Towing, Trailer, Automotive Aftermarket, Leisure, Agriculture and Marine markets. The company is proud that it is still an independent and family owned business, with total focus on Customers, Quality and Service.

Package Dimensions: 46x268x921

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