Rubis Swiss Tweeze Tweezers

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Rubis Swiss Tweeze Tweezers
Product Description

Brand: Rubis Switzerland


  • QUICK AND EASY SOLUTION FOR REMOVING FINE HAIRS: This high-precision tweezer from Rubis Switzerland is perfect for styling your eyebrows and removing fine hairs above the upper lip, around the chin, and arms. It tackles a host of problems, from grabbing onto fine hairs to pulling out splinters and are just perfection. This pair versatile beauty tool makes brow and fine hair maintenance easy and quick!
  • SLANTED TIP TWEEZER, COMFORTABLE GRIP: Rubis Swiss Tweeze Tweezers are versatile and easy to grip, thanks to the precise tip and comfortable surface. The benefit to the slanted tip is that you can angle it to use the wider or pointier parts to tackle every hair type, from coarse to fine. Making it an excellent choice for gripping fine, hard to reach hairs that tend to escape other tweezers.
  • MADE OF RUST-PROOF, SURGICAL STEEL: This tweezer is made from premium stainless steel to retain sharpness for a very long period and can be sterilized without the fear of rusting. It comes with a protective coating that provides enhanced rust resistance and increases tool-life. The handle is ergonomic so it also reduces friction, which contributes to durability and ease of use. You have more control and accuracy to remove unwanted hairs!
  • AFFORDABLE AND ECONOMICAL: Rubis Swiss Tweeze Tweezers let you achieve flawless skin on-the-go, perfect for missed spots and quick touch-ups no matter where life takes you. It is designed for moments away from home when you realize you need a quick groom. So, you can leave one in your purse for a touch up anytime, one in your car, one at work!
  • QUALITY CRAFTED TWEEZERS: Rubis Switzerland offers trend-driven, high-quality beauty products designed to deliver optimal precision and performance. Carrying a variety of shear collections and new and improved high quality and precision handmade tweezers., Rubis Switzerland is bound to meet the needs of any salon professional!

Details: Rubis Swiss Tweeze TweezersClassic Elegance TweezersMade from the highest grade stainless steel, Rubis Switzerland Tweezer shapes eyebrows and removes unwanted facial and body hair. Originally developed to place rubies into watch movements, hence the name, Rubis combines traditional craftsmanship with meticulous quality control. Each pair undergoes a 40-step manufacturing process and is examined under a microscope to ensure perfect tip-to-tip alignment making them the finest in the world.Tweeze Like A ProRubis Swiss Tweeze Tweezers will help you get your best brows ever so that you can capture everybody’s attention without saying one single word! This brow tool is designed to simplify your grooming routine and to keep your arches in shape without causing damage to the follicles. It will help you achieve the perfect, clean and well-defined brow area in no time!

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Release Date: 12-08-2014

Package Dimensions: 13x122x45

Department: Beauty
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