Shop Fox D3258 Bench Screw

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Shop Fox D3258 Bench Screw
Product Description

Brand: Shop Fox


  • 1-by-20-inch Long Bench Screw
  • 12-inch Sliding Handle
  • Cast Iron Screw Mount
  • Screw diameter: 1″
  • Screw pitch: 8 threads per inch, Screw length: 17″

Details: From the Manufacturer For those that wish to build their own workbench vise or create their own press clamps, this hard-to-find Shop Fox D3258 bench screw (1-inch by 20-inch) features a 12-inch sliding handle and cast iron screw mount. Cross threaded screw speeds up opening/closing, plus increases gripping strength.

UPC: 769433432580

Package Dimensions: 56x516x3266

Department: Tools
Tags: Shop Fox ~ Tools
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