Xtricity Metal Desk Lamp with Adjustable Gooseneck Arm, 7W A19 LED Bulb Included, 120 Volt, Convenient On/Off Switch, 14″ Inch Tall (36cm), Black Finish

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Xtricity Metal Desk Lamp with Adjustable Gooseneck Arm, 7W A19 LED Bulb Included, 120 Volt, Convenient On/Off Switch, 14″ Inch Tall (36cm), Black Finish
Product Description

Brand: Xtricity

Color: Black


  • This simple and nice looking lamp is ideal for your home and office work desk or any other general lighting needs
  • Features a convenient on/off switch, 14 inch tall adjustable hose neck, has a metal protecting cover housing the light bulb; A19 7W energy efficient led light bulb is included!
  • This multi use desk lamp is great for home offices, work offices, kids desks, college dorm rooms and any other place where focused and flexible light is needed
  • This compact and light weight desk lamp is easy to install, to transport and is made of solid and high quality materials for long lasting use; Features a 5 ft cord with a 2 prong plug
  • Replacement bulb A19, 60W maximum or 13W CFL, Uses low energy consumptions, uses an AC adapter plug, 120 volts, UL Listed

Details: About the Desk Lamp
This simple and stylish looking desk lamp is ideal for providing light where needed using its flexible neck and is perfect for work use or any other type of activities. This black finish metal lamp is easy to setup and use, easy to store, is portable, has a built in On/off switch which adds convenience and is highly flexible. It could be placed on home office desks, computer desks, bedframes, headboards, counters, night tables or any place you need bright illumination. This desk lamp can help you work more productively and efficiently. We’ve bundled an A19 Energy Efficient 7W light bulb that will last over 25,000 hours equivalent to 22.8 years based on a 3 hours per day use and will provide bright and quality light. This desk lamp is much more than a decorative light accessory, it highly reduces eye strain since it makes it easier for the eyes to read fine print by using a focused light and reducing the glares and shadows from ambient room lighting. It could serve as a night light to avoid tripping over pieces of furniture when walking in an obscure room. Makes night reading in bed enjoyable and can be quite effortlessly mounted and transported from one place to another making it a great travel light accessory.
Eco-Friendly Packaging The protection of the environment and energy efficiency is communicated through all Xtricity packaging. When developing our eco-friendly packaging, we demand from our factories that only recycled carton paper and ink are to be used. By doing so, it helps protect the environment, it protects the wildlife and makes us live in a cleaner world. The carton paper packaging is made from a variety of plant fibers, including Cotton / Lotka / Areca palm leaf / Zebra Bamboo. These materials are incorporated into the packaging and makes the packaging look very nice and at the same time eco-friendly.

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Package Dimensions: 132x212x800

Department: Home Improvement
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